how to cut big holes in concrete without a hose or cord

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Patching Holes in a Concrete Sidewalk If the hole is small and shallow (less than 1/4") all you will need to do is clean it thoroughly and wet the edges, then add and level cement patching material. Be sure to cover the repair and keep it moist while it cures just like your crack repairs.

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Not good for big holes, but little ones worked well without cracking. The collection you have certainly looks a lot cooler than boring store-bought pots – and it’s …

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This article is about how to anchor post to concrete.This diy step by step project project is very useful, as when building a deck, a railing or a fence, you need to anchor posts to concrete. The techniques needed to attach the wooden posts to concrete are straightforward, as …

Plugging Holes in Wood Floors Is Easier Than You Think

Plugging Holes in Wood Floors Is Easier Than You Think With the proper tools and materials you can fill those unsightly holes in your wood floors in just a few minutes. By Timothy Dahl

How to Seal Drainage Holes in Pots the Easiest Way

And here’s how to seal drainage holes in pots. Step 1: Grab a sticker or foil If your pot is new and came with a price tag on the bottom, use it to cover the hole. This will give you the cleanest result. If you don’t have the price tag, just set the pot down on aluminum

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How to Cut Tile Without a Tile Cutter There are several methods for cutting tiles by hand without a tile cutter, using a cutting tool such as a glass cutter or a carbide-tipped pencil. Before using any tool to cut tile, measure the glazed side of the tile to determine where you need to make the cut.

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A beautiful new inground liner – nothing matches the soft feel and bright luster of a vinyl lined pool. If you’ve recently installed one of our inground pool kits, or replaced your inground pool liner, you want to protect the investment, and put off a re-investment for as long as possible.

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The holes found in the keys are for intermediate stakes to provide additional support. Be sure to install these intermediate stakes once you’ve attached the keys to the initial stakes. You’ll need tin snips or a metal cutting saw to trim up the key joints in certain areas.


Do not cut holes larger than 11⁄2" in cantilever 2 x D1 minimum4''-6" (applies to all holes except knockouts) L1 D1 2 x L2L minimum 2 D2 No field cut holes in hatched zones 11⁄2" hole may be cut anywhere in web outside of hatched zone 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" Table A

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8650-35 is the Concrete Patch - used to patch surface popouts and holes in the flat concrete surface, and also to fill the voids in the bottom of the cracks - up to a distance from the top that leaves room for the backer rod and crack seal.

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2018/12/27· How to Repair Wide Concrete Cracks The secret to fixing wide concrete cracks is to undercut the sides of the crack to give it an inverted "V" shape. This helps the repair material to "key" into the crack, creating a mechanical bond in addition to the chemical bond

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Is the ugly connection for your washing machine hose showing? Is that hole in the wall an eyesore that seems to just collect dust and lint? Here’s an easy solution for a simple way to hide it. When we were remodeling our laundry room and trying our best to make it a pretty space, there was one glaring thing that literally drove me crazy – and that was the big ole hole in the wall where the

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A soaker hose in good condition will slowly water your lawn and gardens without wasting resources. Keep yours repaired! To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by

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Cut two 4” holes through the insulation (you can put your 4” dryer vent in place against the insulation and draw around it to get the right size). One hole needs to be in the center at the top, with its top 2” down from the edge, and the other in the center at the bottom, with its bottom 2” up from the edge.

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For large holes in fiberglass screening, simply cut a patch of similar material and affix it to the good material using transparent silicone glue. About the Book Author James Carey and Morris Carey Jr. share their 55+ years of experience as award-winning, licensed contractors with millions of people nationwide through a weekly radio program and syndied newspaper column, both titled On The

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2015/6/1· You want to leave at least 2", ideally 3" of solid concrete between any piece of rebar and the edge of the concrete. In your case - since it''s just one small hole, and if you elect to go through the foundation - I would just drill the hole with an edued guess: center your 2"-diameter hole 7" to 8" below the top of the foundation, and at least 18" from any vertical corner in the foundation wall.

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Do you want to watch free TV without paying monthly fees! Cutting the cord or CUT THE CORD has become quite a hot topic of interest nowadays. Many people are choosing to “cut the cord” of their paid cable or satellite connections and choose other alternatives. The options are rising daily, giving users a whole … 13 Ways To Cut The Cord! Do Not Pay To Watch Your Favorite Movies And TV

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Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials. It can be used for anything from entire buildings to portions of buildings, sidewalks, patios, post holes, steps and even decorative projects. Concrete work is also easy to learn, although it can be back-breaking.

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To insulate walls without removing the drywall holes on the interior or exterior of the home are cut. Insulation materials are blown or sprayed between the studs to fill in wall cavities with insulation. This, along with attic insulation, helps create a more energy efficient

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How to Drill Straight and Square Holes without a Drill Press Sure, every once in a while, you choose to intentionally drill a hole at a specific angle. Perhaps your compound joinery demands it, or you''re going for a stylish, contemporary look on a project. But most of

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Use Eazypower''s 6 in. Carbon Steel Hole Saw to cut holes in a variety of materials. This is the perfect tool to make holes for cornhole boards, speakers, security cameras, spotlights, and many other appliions. Variable pitch and positive rake provides smooth

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do you have one hole skimmers or two hole skimmers?Ok, you have two hole skimmers, normally you would have skimmer floats inside each skimmer that sits on top of both holes. Those without the o-ring should use 3 wraps of Teflon tape to create a good seal.

We are here to help you with information and advice on pool maintenance, pool repairs and swimming pool building. In that skimmer

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I want to coine these into a larger, rigid duct (maybe 8" to 10") and cut just a single hole. What tool do I need to cut through the cinder block wall and should I be concerned with any pit falls. I''m not positive what size I should use for the rigid duct, but I can ask that in another question.

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You will need a saw, water hose, garden sprayer or paintbrush, and glyphosate herbicide with an active ingredient concentration of at least 41 percent. Once you have everything you need, use the saw to make a fresh cut across the tree stump and saturate the tree’s outer layer (just behind the bark) with water.

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Building a retaining wall in the conventional ways is not a trivial matter. So DIYers have come up with an interesting trick: Rather than messing around with mortar, they lay the walls down like Lego pieces, using concrete while it''s still in the bag. That''s right, the idea

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Knocked-out holes typically require a bit of deburring, but not as much as holes cut with hole saws do. Step 8: Circle-Cutters for Large or Odd-Sized Holes Perhaps you need to make a hole of an

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