Our business is to produce wide-format aerial photography (in either colour or black & white) primarily for use in the mapping and engineering industries.  This service includes all phases of the delivery cycle including the flying of the area, processing the imagery, and producing the detail contour plus orthophoto mapping.

Azur Aerial Work cc was formed in 1988 initially to provide a basic aerial photographic service for a small mapping concern in Johannesburg.  In 1994, Cor van der Walt joined the venture bringing with him his own mapping company that he had established in Pretoria some 13 years previously.  In 1997, Azur Aerial Photography (Natal) Pty Ltd was launched to exclusively address the flying / aerial photography needs of the organisation.  Having achieved this, he was able to refine the aerial survey facility and expand the darkroom function to adequately address the needs of his own mapping concern, as well as those required by any other mapping and survey organisation.  In 2003, Chameleon Scans was formed through which all aerial photography scanning requirements of the organisation are channeled.

Our Services?

Aerial Photography | Aerial Survey | Topographical Mapping | Lidar Survey | Orthophoto Mapping

Today the venture incorporates a staff component of 10 people who are employed to assist with the various aspects of the organization’s services.  The changing economic climate in Southern Africa has given rise to a variety of developments throughout the sub-continent.  We aim to continuing expanding in order to provide our services to increasingly more of those industries that are bringing growth and development to these emerging African countries.


Over 3000 projects have been flown and delivered since 1996, many of which included mapping.  While much of this work has been for clients in South Africa, in recent years noticeably more work has been undertaken for clients in neighbouring countries.  An extract of some of the projects we have provided during the past ten years is given overleaf.  Should more details regarding a specific project be required, or should the reader request a comprehensive list of all projects delivered since 1988, kindly contact us.